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other hospital. >> and babies come back to remember their first hours in the world. we want to start tonight with an abc2news exclusive. he was there. a man didn't see the stabbing on the fourth, but he saw everything after that and what he saw will stay with him for ever. he tells his story to abc2 news to roosevelt leftwich. >> the man didn't want to be identified on camera or by voice, but he had to tell the story. what happened may have been avoided. more visible policing and less drinking. >> it was one of his favorite things to do, celebrate the fourth of july. a man who we will call john was watching fireworks with his friends where there were fireworks of another kind on the ground, an altercation. >> all of a sudden about two people down from me, this one guy in a white shirt jumps up and he screams, that -- hit me
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in the head. as he jumps up and he runs into the crowd towards the house and in doing so, he takes off his shirt. >> john says a man in a yellow shirt who police identify as joe took off to catch up with the other man. he was at the location most of the night and seen the victim, his brother, and several other people drinking earlier in the evening and he says he thought it was going to be another stupid brawl. >> me and my friends are going, oh come on. it's fourth of july. there are kids around. it's going to be a fight. all of a sudden, about two minutes later, this guy in a yellow t-shirt comes walking back towards me and he is like this and when he is holding it like this, i knew at that point where he got cut and i knew
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that it was -- can't stop that. >> a bunch of people tried to stop the bleeding, but it was no use. >> his head was right between my legs and he looks up at me and that's when he died. >> with hundreds of law enforcement officers, their response time to the incident was within minutes. despite what city officials say, he saw little police presence in that part of the harbor before the incident. >> i have seen city cops and i see when something happens, they are like the first to go and step in and go hey, you, stop. if there had been one police officer there when that started, he would not have died and i firmly believe that. >> john says he told city police what he saw that night, but says the reason he spoke
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out now is because of what they're not saying about this incident. he says what happened here is more complicated than just another fight. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> here's the latest on a search on a man that attacked a mobile speed camera. state police are reviewing surveillance video and talking to those who witnessed the attack. they know the man is 50 to 60 years of age who wears glasses, carrying or wearing a black backpack. however police are saying it could take a few more days to go through all the video tape and find the suspect. a hartford county teenager charged with stabbing his father. 59-year-old joseph waters the third was stabbed in the chest. investigators say waters was involved in an argument with his 19-year-old son, joseph thomas waters 4th when his son pulled out a knife. his father is in stable condition right now. the son was arrested at the scene and charged with first and second-degree assault as
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well as three other charges. all right, we have a flash flood warning now for hartford county. this is going it be in effect for a while. throughout 8:30 this evening. thanks to extremely heavy downpour, basically along north of bell air, came through jaredsville earlier. now that storm beginning to clear and now impacting i-95. it's going to be slow up toward basically grace and the sesquehana. ill advised travels on the i- 95. other than this particular storm cell which now reaches into north eastern baltimore, including essex radar relatively clear. scattered showers to the north
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and west. jamie. >> some of you saw him carrying man on his back. he had a grassy and dirt fields on 33rd street. some of you saw his work in slow motion on nfl films. john mackey was a tremendous football player. first at syracuse and then with the baltimore colts. he caught johnny's deflected pass during super bowl 5. he would rip off his rings and give them to you to wear and say hey, you just played in the super bowl and made the hall of fame without taking a hit. but man did he take a lot. so many that it clouded up his mind. he suffered with dementia, but his wife, sylvia, never left his side. here we are left to remember how john mackey and lennie moore calmed this city down during the '68 riots. john remembers. >> john mackey and lenny moore went down, talked to people to keep an exclusive situation from happening. they went out to businesses and got food, sandwiches, and got
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donations and fed the people down at the baltimore civic center, then talked to the people. basically john mackey and moore saved this city from a terrible fate. >> john mackey was to accept his hall of fame ring in indianapolis, but man we remember he said no way. i played in baltimore. so here we are on a hot august night while this city was trying to persuade the nfl to come back, he got his ring. we would see john at special dinners, golf outings, and always in his honor and right by his side, sylvia, how is john doing? tonight john mackey dead at the age of 69. the moreover ravens were the first to report the news of john mackey's death this morning. in a statement, we are tremendously saddened to hear about the passing of john mackey and our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife,
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sylvia and his family. he will be sorely missed not only by his family, but also by the entire baltimore community. and general manager ozzie said john revolutionized the tight end position. we wanted to hear from you. we ask you to share your thoughts, stories of john mackey on our facebook fan page. william wrote in, a gift that athletes and a wonderful human being condolences to the family and the dean shared this. my son was very sick due to a burst appendix that had to be removed and mr. mackey came to see him and gave him an autographed football. when vernon recovered, he treated us to dinner. my son never forgot this kind of act. if you'd like to share your memories and stories, head to our facebook fan page. the daughter of baltimore's
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mother be, connie remains hospitalized. sometime in the past week, connie had a stroke, according to her sister, connie is ready to join her mom. connie and cynthia took over to help the homeless and poor by providing help. and the owner of locust point landmark has died. vin september who owns the restaurant died this morning at gilcrest hospice care. established by his father, lewis, who integrated from italy to baltimore in 1910. vincent was 79. the mother of a six-year- old boy who drowned at sandy state park is looking for answers tonight. sequan kennedy died after spending more than 10 minutes under water as beach goers search for him early on monday morning. the park provides life guards from 11:00 until 6:00, but the boy's mother says if the state added warning signs or made swimmers off limits until they arrive, it could help prevent
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other parents from receiving a telephone call like the one she took while she was at work on monday. >> police called me at 9:00 on the fourth of july asked if i had a son named sequan kennedy. i fell to my knees. i said why? that he was in the water. i said he was in the water? how? i mean, there were a lot of adults, kids, so why he was the one in the water? >> witnesses say sequan kennedy went into the water to retrieve a ball that went under water. his wake and funeral services will begin 11:30 next wednesday. anne arundel county police need your help. they are trying to find two people that are critically
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missing persons. we have 32-year-old schmincke. police say the two may be victims of a serious attack. they are known to frequent bars in south baltimore and in the locust point area. police say that one of the vehicles that is missing belongs to the man. a black 2005 lexus 430 license plate number is geeeh41. that's geeh41. anyone with information is asked to call the anne arundel county police department. 410-222-8610 or the homicide unit at 410-222-3566 or 3463. nothing scarier for parents than something happening to their kids in their cribs. >> he was hanging from his shirt and i think, you know, it was pulling his shirt up around
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his neck. >> some of the surprising dangers parents should know about their kids cribs. and the reunion still ahead. and he's ready to tackle more than cakes. how the ace of cakes is using his sweet tooth on the food network. and on top of that severe thunderstorm warning, a new for baltimore city. you can see why, storm back building into the city itself. we'll talk about this storm and your complete weekend forecast coming up.
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you're watching the station that works for you. abc2 news at 6:00. >> we are going to give you good and bad news when it comes to the health of our children.
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there's a drop in teen birth rates. about 20 births in every 1,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 17 and the percentage of premature babies born also dropped to just over 12%. however, the report found an increase in drug use among 8th traders and more children are likely to live in poverty. when you put your baby down to sleep, you don't expect them to get hurt w. it comes to cribs and base nets. abc2 news with the story of one family that learned this the hard way. >> it is something kelly smith does every day without thinking twice. she takes connor in his room and puts him in his crib for a nap. that routine went wrong when kelly went to wake him up. >> he was hanging from his shirt and i think, you know, it was pulling his shirt up around his neck. >> connor had broken one of the crib slats and got stuck.
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when his mom went into his room, he was not breathing. >> they were sleeping later than normal. i thought i need to check on him and that's when i found connor hanging by his shirt. > connor's dad is a firefighter and was able to perform cpr right away. >> we started heading to the hospital, i went from medic mode to parent mode and i started unraveling a little bit. especially when he started crying. >> what happened to connor might sound like a frequent accident, but crib related injuries are higher than you might expect. >> we found that 9,500 children are rushed each year to a hospital emergency department for a crib related injury. and over 100 children died on average each year. >> connor recovered and is okay. doctors say parents should remember that your baby's crib should only contain a mattress and tight fitted sheet. make sure your crib, playpen,
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basinet meets safety standards. connor's parents now know it could save your kid's life. linda so, abc2 news. >> doctor smith says most crib injuries are cuts, bruises, and sprains in the baby's neck and head w. your baby reaches 18 months, they are strong and more mobile, so you should monitor them even more closely. and now that the special union at john's hopkins hospital. a family that graduated from the children's hospital in the neonatal unit to reunit with the doctors and nurses. cared for them during some of their first months of life. this is an annual event, some of whom come back many years later because the nicu is part of their extended family. >> we have adopted them, they adopted her. so she is for ever going to be indebted, so am i. they really did take great care of her.
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>> can i hold her right now? sharyl says her four month old also has her big brother looking out for her, letting mom know if something isn't right. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right, big storm moving into baltimore here, some hail on the east side. let's get a pan to the left if we can, jim, and i tell you, this is an interesting storm. it started in hartford county. it got into i-95 and then it starts back building into the city and when it hit the heat core that sits over the city, it really blew up impressabley so. it's going to be nasty here next couple of hours. let's get you into maryland's most powerful radar and give you the radar perspective. it comes in from the north and back builds, reaches down
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through dundock and extending further into the harbor itself in canton, etcetera. it will continue to push south, cross over the key bridge. and you could be in the southern edge of this storm, so it's an unusual pattern, but these summer storms, when they pop up, you could see the original or gin of the storm was up further north, but again that storm just sort of back filling inward. we'll continue to monitor this. if you are in the city, in points south of the city toward glenn bernie. you're going to see a lot of lightning and hail out of this storm and almost impossible trip up i-95 and 40 now as you go up north and east. real rough travels in that direction. all right, here it is for you. flash flood warning continues for hartford county. flooding in low lying areas. severe thunderstorm warning for baltimore city. see it coming down the roads.
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90 right now. that's helping fuel some of the storms and i want to take a look at different cameras here. this is the city itself. see things getting awfully wet. now watch as we put the skies in motion over the city here. we'll see right at the end, things take a turn for the storm here. a different perspective here near the park. you see the skies changing into the afternoon as the stormy conditions begin to kind of take over. humidity helping to fuel these storms. no question about that. 93. the current heat index downtown, 95 in annapolis. you have that much heat and humidity around, you get a storm cell coming in no matter what the direction is, you will tend to get some intense weather. again that's why we have that severe thunderstorm warning for the city and county right now and a flash flood warning for hartford county. here's that boundary that is helping to spark these storms. the hot, humid flow out ahead of this. this has to be on top of us tomorrow. another afternoon, we see showers and storms, a few could be severe tomorrow afternoon
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and again our future cast is showing another sparkup. another heat driven afternoon of shores and storms in the heat of the day. saturday, those look dryer and clearer. a few showers could hang out over the weekend. overnight 72. real steam bath tomorrow. scattered showers and storms, increasing clouds and your friday night, we are talking about 69 with a chance for a few evening storms. here's your seven-day forecast. you see the outlook here. again for a relatively dry weekend after a potentially stormy day tomorrow. but again, one last look at this storm and you can see it's going to be basically that east side of town, all the way up through baltimore and hartford county. jamie. >> all rightway wyatt. the ace of cakes has a new show coming to the food network. baltimore's own, duff goldman is going to have a new show called sugar high. it will take the celebrity
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baker to different desert destinations across the country. the charm city cakes location and that lasted for ten seasons. here's a look at what's coming up on abc2 news at 11:00. when you hit the road for vacation, you lock up your house, leave the light on, you have a neighbor grab your mail, but there's more you could be doing to protect your home from burglars. plus, meet a mom who is hugging her little girl a little tighter after the toddler was kidnapped, gone for hours. those stories plus wyatt's forecast. join us tonight at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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the first thing i want to talk about is the grading suspect. here we have a select steak. i wanted to show the marbling difference. >> that's going to be nice and juicy right there. >> that marbling gives it the flavor and taste of a good steak. >> that's going to be a more expensive steak. >> prime is more expensive. >> let's say i picked my grade. now let's talk about the different cuts. >> sure. here we have four different cuts of beef. starting off with the sirloin. this would be great if you were going to do a barbecue for 20 of your friends. a lot of flavor packed into it. my favorite steak, the new york
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strip. a will the of marbling as you can see. it's also going to be tender. >> i recognize that one. that is ribeye. >> the ribeye is known around the world to be very flavorful because of the extra added marbling in it. of course the pinnacle, the file minon. this is the white table cloth steak. >> if i'm having a backyard barbecue. which one do you recommend? >> you grab the sirloin f. you are looking for my favorite steak, i love that new york strip. >> that sounds good. i hope i do well. i'm really impressed with your knowledge. now i feel better about choosing a steak before i grill it with the pros. nathan, thanks for joining us.
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all right, still a severe thunderstorm warning for baltimore. it's going to be in the brooklyn park. it's moving south and west at 6:45. let's show you more about this storm and you can see we do have about 100% probability of hail up to an inch and perhaps an inch and a half. this is definitely a hail making storm. here's those warnings now including northern anne arundel county as well. jamie. >> gayle is on our facebook and she says hail is coming down like moth balls right now. we'll keep an eye on that. watch the skies here tonight. we'll keep you updated as we go throughout the night. we'll see you at 11:00. have a great evening, the storms are rolling through.
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be careful out there.
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